Jarno Parkkima (b.1984) works with means of photography and moving image, and asks what kind of a personal experience is the attempt to be, see and live in relation to one’s surroundings. Parkkima has done studies in Department of Fine Art Photography of School of Arts and Design of Aalto University, Helsinki, as well in Bergen Art Academy, Norway and has MFA from program of Time and Space arts of University of Arts, Finland. Artworks and collaborations have been shown in group shows in Finland, Norway and Russia, and as well in solo shows in Helsinki.



2022    Näyttämö, Love and Anarchy Helsinki international film festival,

            National competition


            Hämärä, solo exhibition, Oksasenkatu 11, Helsinki

2019     Elollisuus ja melankolia / Vitality and melancholy, solo exhibition,

             Project Room, Helsinki

2019     Fiat Lux, Kuvan kevät-group exhibition, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki

2017     Glass, So Close, So Far-group exhibition, Gallery Taiga, St. Petersburg,


2017     Glass, solo exhibition, Galleria Huuto Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, Finland

2016     Marguerite Leaves a Mark, Virhe/Error - group exhibition,

             Jukka Malen Museo, Helsinki, Finland

2015     Understanding Ideas Through Words and Visual References, 

             NO END Film Festival, USF, Bergen, Norway

2015      Sound installation Her Room... with Isis Maakestad, Landmark at

              Kunsthalle, Bergen, Norway


2013      A New Form from Loss, Summer School-group exhibition,

              Photographic Center Peri, Turku, Finland

2013      A New Form from Loss, Summer School-group exhibition, 

              The Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki, Finland



Master of Fine Arts at University of Arts / Fine Art Academy,  Time- and Space studies, Finland


Bachelor of Fine Arts at Aalto University, Department of Media, Fine Art Photography, Finland


Exchange Studies, KHIB Bergen Academy of Art, Bergen, Norway


2016 Örö Recidency Programme (FI) with Johanna Heikkilä


2021 Arts Promotion Centre Finland


The Association of Photographic artists (Finland)

Artists’ association of Finland